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MEET Our Team

Bob Burr

Owner/Project Manager

Bob has been working in the remodeling industry since 1985 and knew right from the start that his passion was to own his own business. While attending college at night for Architectural Engineering, Bob honed his Carpentry/Construction skills by day while working for a full service construction company. As he continued his education with a focus on Business, Bob launched Burr Remodeling in 1993. While working out of his home and completing small jobs for friends and family, the business grew through word of mouth referrals.

Over the years, Bob has built custom homes, additions, kitchens, baths as well as many commercial projects. He has always enjoyed the challenges that come with remodeling a home or business, but mostly, it’s the satisfaction and gratitude he gets from his clients that’s so rewarding for him.

Bob credits the success of his company to hard work and a commitment to life-long learning that he instills in his team as well. Additionally, he believes that his hands on, team-oriented approach to project management and customer satisfaction builds trusting and lasting relationships with his clients.



Beth is often the first contact you’ll have with Burr Remodeling.  As a Homeowner, Wife and Mom of two growing boys, she has a keen understanding of how a home remodeling project impacts the family.  There’s nothing more exciting than starting a home project that you’ve been dreaming about.   However, let’s face it; sometimes making a long term dream a reality can be a little disruptive in the short term.  Beth’s friendly, warm and empathetic nature, has been gracefully guiding our clients through the remodeling process since 2013.

She brings to the company a degree in Accounting, tremendous experience and a strong desire to get it done right, the first time. Whether it’s creating the schedule with customers and subcontractors, ordering materials, team communication or day-to-day operations, her exceptional organizational skills and professionalism make it all run smoothly.

Brad Marks

Apprentice Carpenter

Brad joined our production team on a part-time basis near the end of 2021 and moved to a full-time position in April of 2022.  He came to us from the Automotive Industry, where he had spent 20 years honing his skills as both a Lead Automotive Technician and as a business owner.  Brad had some formal Carpentry training and a lot of practical experience as a homeowner and rental property owner.  This unique career path, along with his willingness to learn and his passion for Carpentry made him a great fit for us.

Brad is a smart, humble and hard-working guy who loves spending time gardening and wood turning on the family farm with his wife, young son and ALL of their animals!  Brad’s positive outlook, thirst for knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit make an impact wherever he goes…we are so happy that he made the decision to switch trades and join our team!



Following his brother Tom’s lead, Kevin joined our production team in 2022.  Kevin studies Criminal Justice at Suffolk University and hopes to continue on to earn a master’s degree in the field after completing his undergrad.  This enterprising young man also aspires to be a Detective and intends to obtain his Real Estate license in the near future!

Kevin is bright, engaging, and mature beyond his years.  He loves working out & all things hockey.  He tells us that he chooses to spend his college years working in Remodeling so that he can stay physically active & acquire important life skills.  We are so pleased to be able to see Kevin & his brother Tom grow into their roles as Apprentice Carpenters…and as future leaders!



Matt started his career with Burr Remodeling in 2012 as an Apprentice Carpenter. He had just graduated from a Career & Technical Education High School, where he was enrolled in the Carpentry program. He came to us with some practical training, a youthful energy, a strong work ethic and an eagerness to become a master of the trade. Since his start in 2012, this talented & skilled young man has become a Homeowner, Husband, Dad and Lead Carpenter.

Matt continues to wow customers with both his expertise and his good-natured personality. He goes the extra mile, thinks on his feet, brings fresh ideas to the table and somehow makes it all look effortless. Our customers cannot say enough about him!



Nanci has been with the company in some capacity since it’s inception. Her role has spanned the areas of Human Resources, Corporate Gifting, Strategic Planning, Branding and Marketing. With a degree in Psychology and a background in Human Services, Management, Sales & Marketing, she brings a unique perspective and years of business experience to the team.

Nanci loves to see the exciting transformation that comes with each remodeling project…she tells us, “it never gets old”. She has a passion for getting things done & enjoys using her experience, skills & creativity to help further the success of the company.

scott mcewen


Scott joined our production team in June of 2023.  His experience includes Business Ownership, teaching Carpentry in a non-profit setting, Management, Amusement Operations, Sound Engineering and Carpentry.  He discovered his passion for the Carpentry while attending a Career & Technical High School in the Carpentry program.  He took a break from the craft to pursue other interests but has continued to hone his skills throughout his diverse career. 

Scott is a genuine, thoughtful person who brings his positive energy and quick wit to the job every day.  He loves spending time hiking and enjoying the outdoors with his wife & three children.   We’re thrilled that his career path lead him back to Carpentry and to our Production Team!



Tom joined the Burr Remodeling team in the summer of 2018.  He is a 2022 graduate of Norwich University.  Tom’s love of sports and physical training is what drew him to pursue a position in construction.  The idea of developing skills that will serve him as a future homeowner is what keeps him coming back every summer.

Tom’s respectful, outgoing nature and willingness to learn made him the perfect fit for our production team.  He plans to attend Officer Candidate School after graduation and eventually pursue a career in law enforcement.  Until then, we consider ourselves fortunate to have him as part of our seasonal team.


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